Join the stampede!

Nature is the greatest coalition ever formed. You're part of it.


Clawing back our shared resources from politicians who are selling out the territories they represent.

We are the largest coalition of nature ever organized.

Birds & birdwatchers, dogs & dog walkers, chickens & farmers, longhorns and cacti.


We've had enough of being squandered and sold out,

our water and air and soil being polluted,

the entire system of life being disrupted and corrupted

for the private gain of a few humans.

We are calling out politicians who don't defend the territory they represent.

Natural enemy #1?

We have a major beef with Texas Senator John Cornyn.

In exchange for being #1 in getting money from gas and oil lobbies,

he's allowed Texas to be the #1 state in violating water rules,

the #1 producer of waste water in the country,

with an environmental record that makes us sick.

And the feeling is contagious because Texas is also has the #1 population of people without health insurance.

When you see what Cornyn does for big fossil fuel and against the rest of us,

you'll see why the weather is getting worse,

why the hornets seem madder,

why the birds are getting angrier.

Nature is fighting for you, for all of us.

Even for John himself. He's his own worst enemy.

Vote him out this November. 

And help us fight the corruption and greed that is poisoning everything.

Nature isn't rich people's property yet.

Share the outrage! Post your photos! Make your signs! 

Send no money. Send a message.

There is a system that works for all of us. 

It's called the ecosystem.

And you're a valuable part of it. Unless you're John Cornyn.


The signs are everywhere! Get out in nature and join the fight!

Make signs! Or just find allies, from mushrooms to breezes,

we all need healthy water, air, soil and each other.

Post your photos with the hashtag #natureagainst

Birds are flocking to the cause!

Bees are working hard for Texas. Unlike some people!

Nice work, buddy!

Want to lend a paw or get in touch?