John Cornyn (top, left) supposedly loves horses.

Well, we find the cropping of this photo offensive.

We can't look into John Cornyn's heart. But we can look at his voting record and so can you.

Texas has big problems. Cornyn has big donors.That's the problem.



Our changing climate is a hot issue for Texans. It should be for John Cornyn.

  • Texas is full of businesses that emit air pollution - legally and illegally. Cornyn voted against limiting them at all.

Texas needs big ideas but Cornyn thinks small.

  • Texas is now a center of the old, dying energy that’s killing us. A vibrant economy and a sustainable environment can’t rely on it. Not in Texas, not anywhere.

What do we want?​

We want John, and every elected official and candidate,

to respect our interconnected world, and to protect the resources we all share.

From tadpoles to trees to oilmen to Longhorns, rabbits to rain, we're all on the same team.​

No person should be in a position to sell out nature.

Money should not be our representatives' main incentive.

The system of quid pro quo sucks for all of us, really.

But there is a system that works for all of us.

It's the ecosystem.

And whoever came up with that system deserves our respect.

Is this a joke?

The idea that people pay politicians

and let them put the interest of a few industries

and the wealth of just a few people

above the health of life on earth...that's the joke.

As the chart below shows, humans make up a pathetic .01% of living things on earth but they act like they own the place.


Let's hear it for the fungus among us!

About us.

Disillusioned by the lack of leadership of human governments, and inspired by movements like migration, symbiosis, and the natural order of life, in 2020, the five Kingdoms of the World: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protistae and Monera united to fight for the ecosystem we all love and share. #NatureAgainst

Nice work, buddy!

Who is Texas Senator John Cornyn

and how can he hate nature?!